My redemption coming soon!

2017-06-28 21:41:56 by Zoeghs


The Sweet 16 - EP is out!!!

2017-06-11 17:31:08 by Zoeghs

Do I know what I'm doing; no... But I thought I would release something for my 16th birthday!


2017-05-31 19:57:21 by Zoeghs


EP teaser!

2017-05-27 10:06:24 by Zoeghs

Excited for new EP!

2017-05-23 19:05:31 by Zoeghs

5833672_149558069641_ScreenShot2017-05-23at7.04.22PM.pngExcited for new EP!

The Stupid Album - Coming Soon!

2016-07-14 16:21:10 by Zoeghs

Hayyyy, I'm starting to make some music now!  It's not too terrible, but t's called The Stupid Album for a reason!  Anyways, thats comming out soon!  I hope you find it funny!5833672_146852764191_0004.png